Thanks to Mary Reinholz for her fond tribute to author and critic Digby Diehl. He was an important literary figure in Los Angeles and I met him a couple of times through the aegis of the late publicist-turned-author Peter J. Levinson. At the lamented Dutton’s Books in Brentwood, I found Diehl gracious and unassuming, and happy to speak of jobs and triumphs long ago.

Reinholz neglected to mention Diehl’s work for the short-lived Hearst magazine (1968-1969) Eye. He penned the Los Angeles notes to the monthly roundup of newsy items called “The Electric Last Minute” on the back of the magazine’s inserted fold-out poster. Even then, amid the breathlessly teenage prose and hype, Diehl could be counted on to cast a slightly jaundiced eye at some of the more sophomoric aspects of Sixties youth culture. He slipped a put-on item into his monthly digest once about a fictitious white deejay whose black affectations bordered on minstrelsy. If they bothered to read it, more than one SoCal jock must have touched his forelock. I cautiously brought up his Eye feature on the Doors, the first serious consideration of the band in print; would he be embarrassed and terminate the conversation? On the contrary — Diehl brightened visibly at the mention. “I’ve never had as many reprints as I have with that article,” he noted with pride.

Reinholz has done the work that Los Angeles magazine, the LA Times, LA Weekly and other publications should have done.

Thank you.




The extremely antisocial behavior of the ruling class is getting worse. They destroy lives and bring poverty, fear and misery to the American people because their sole motivation is to attain their own desires at the expense of any and all regular people. They make the laws to keep us controlled and in step with their agenda, not ours. They are sold to us as beyond reproach, as capitalist gods incarnate who know the truth and are the truth even when they’re corrupt, psychopathic and criminal.

Psychopaths do not support human life because they are not human. We allow them to rule over us because we mistakenly identify them as regular human beings with real human feelings, when in fact they are predatory, merciless, coldblooded and have no feeling.

Sadly, as wealth grows, feeling goes, and its exponents become increasingly psychopathic, stealing the rights, freedom and equality of their employees through fear and manufactured subservience in order to make the most profit. Throughout history psychopathic rulers have forced their will and cruelty onto the public without caring for their feelings, just to get more money for themselves. They create laws embodying only intellect, thought and logic, without feeling.

The American people’s apathy has solidified; they have been educated to trust and believe in intellect, thought and logic to solve every problem in life. We have been socially engineered to distrust what we feel and what our intuition tells us through the voice in our own heart. We have knowingly handed over the solving of our problems to the ruling class and the purveyors of intellect, thought and logic: politicians, experts, the privileged and the wealthy.

We have denied our feelings, our outrage and our natural inclinations, selling out what our conscience knows to be true, out of fear of our psychopathic rulers. We have given away half of our ability to solve our problems in denying and discrediting our feelings, emotions and the “common-sense” voices in our own heart. In our ignorance, we have condoned the actions of the stupid, war-loving politicians who created our terrifying global problems and denounced our true feelings to intellect, thought and logic.

The genius voice of your own independent heart manifests itself in your intuition, your gut feelings, your cell intelligence, your creativity and your imagination. When you listen to your heart and use its intuitive knowledge to temper and balance your intellect, thought and logic, you realize you are powerful beyond measure. The voice of your heart can answer your questions, solve America’s problems, and bring the psychopaths to heel.




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