Most of us learned about cause and effect in grade school. Apparently, SeaWorld’s executives cut class that day or they’d realize why they have to keep cutting jobs — the 350 recently announced on top of 320 last year and 311 in 2014.

Cause: SeaWorld won’t stop exploiting orcas, dolphins and other animals.

Effect: People who care stay away; profits nosedive; SeaWorld, desperate to stay afloat, passes out pink slips.

But it may not be too late to learn a lesson. Transition the animals to coastal sanctuaries so they can taste the freedom they’ve been denied; focus on innovative, non-animal attractions; watch the turnstiles spin.





I just finished reading the Jan. 4 issue. Although I don’t necessarily agree with all the editorials and letters, I do enjoy your publication.

I have been having problems with the political editorializing in the restaurant review column (of all places?). The column on Griffins of Kinsale (“Céad Míle Fáilte”) is a prime example. As in prior columns, Erica Wayne likes to write metaphorically about her hate of Donald Trump, his administration and Republicans.

It begins with the first paragraph. After she was relieved that 2017 was finally on it’s deathbed … she wanted to hold a wake for the soon to be corpse (impeachment). That or drive a wooden stake through its heart (assassination?).  She then gets to her review, which was very good.

She then started getting political again, mentioning the old year’s welcome demise followed by some more of the review.

Toward the end, she dedicated half a paragraph to her thinly veiled political rant. “Good riddance to a year that dashed our hopes and dreams for a better, kinder and more progressive America.”

I think a lot of people are sick of all the political whining … where’s Tip O’Neal when you need him?

I have no problem with these views in articles or editorials, but a restaurant review … give us a break!

I would respect her more if she would start out the review and write that she hates Donald Trump, his administration and Republicans in general.

I also would have hoped that she would have mentioned taking an Uber home (if she did) after consuming 80 ounces of high proof ales.




Mr. President, I am appalled by the job you have done as president of the United States.

1. You collaborated with Russia, a hostile foreign power, in order to illegally obtain your position as president of the United States — a most serious crime.

2. You’ve attempted and are still attempting to block a federal investigation into the above-specified crime, and in so doing are actively engaged in a highly illegal obstruction of justice.

3. You deliberately appointed the most unsuitable people possible to head up departments in our government which are crucial to the protection of our nation’s welfare, such as the EPA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, and many others, in an obvious attempt to sabotage those same agencies for the purpose of furthering your own selfish ambitions and those of your billionaire friends.

4. You deliberately undermined the Affordable Care Act in order to pander to the private health care industry, and in doing so jeopardized the health and safety of every non-wealthy American.

5. You refuse to divest yourself of your American and foreign investments, thus violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause and thereby engaging in many serious national conflicts of interest.

6. You frequently make statements which you claim are fact, then later you deny ever having made them, thus proving that you frequently lie to the American people.

7. You deliberately avoid dealing with the press, thereby violating The First Amendment.

All things considered, you are apparently involved in multiple conspiracies which are doing great harm to this nation and all but its wealthiest citizens. Because of this, I am actively involved with my members of Congress for the purpose of having you impeached and convicted.




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