Columnist John Grula blames market conditions for the lack of affordable housing and urges local residents to sign rent-control petitions, circulated by the Pasadena Tenants Union (“Controlling Rent,” Feb. 8).

“This crisis has occurred under the current system, which is market-driven,” he writes. “The markets are clearly not working and that’s why we are in trouble.”

The politically incorrect and inconvenient truth is that population outstripped the supply of affordable housing, thanks to decades of massive, poorly controlled immigration, legal or otherwise.

Today, 38 million people live in California, which is projected to have 65 million people by the year 2050. Tell that to activists and politicians who want amnesty, so-called free trade and open borders.




Zoey, an 8-pound dog who was reportedly snatched from her guardian’s fenced yard in Pennsylvania by an eagle and found four miles away — whimpering, wounded, limping, and covered in icicles — is lucky to be alive. She is also a reminder that it’s never safe to leave animals outdoors unattended, even for “just a minute.”

Hungry wildlife is just one of the countless dangers that dogs and cats face outdoors. Many animals are painfully killed after being hit by cars, ingesting poison, contracting fatal diseases, being abused by cruel people, and suffering other horrific fates.

Our animal companions are as vulnerable as toddlers in the great outdoors. It’s imperative to keep them safe by keeping them indoors, making sure they are microchipped and wear collars with current identification tags, and allowing them outdoors only on a leash and harness or in a fenced area, under our constant supervision.





Re: “Céad Míle Fáilte ,” Jan. 11


Just picked up your paper while waiting for my wife at the salon. Can your paper go any further left? I mean come on!! This negativity from the press is beyond old now and a daily rerun! Can your staff at some point print something positive about our beautiful country! I am a Middle Eastern immigrant that came to America legally, it took my father two years to work out the legal documents. We love this country and this division created mostly by the liberal press and their hatred for our president is going nowhere!

The world can be very dangerous, as you journalists have shown that you truly have no understanding of. Your lack of cosmopolitan views and continuous palace gossip of the White House is old and rudimentary!  You are doing a disservice to the American people and legal immigrants!

I can say more but this too shall be misunderstood or misrepresented by the biased media!



The constant thread of needing to soothe the angst of the outcome of the election that pervades just about every article I read these days is really tedious. If you really think who occupies the White House is going to make a big difference in your daily life you probably shouldn’t be advising others.


Re: “Flunking Economics,” Feb. 8


PUSD has suffered through declining enrollment for many years. This is not a surprise. Neither are the other cost trends. Once again, PUSD is faced with a funding crisis that was entirely predictable and should have been planned for long ago.PUSD suffers most from a leadership crisis. Gross incompetency at the executive management and board levels have caused botched financial plans and contribute to the death spiral in enrollment. Roughly 50 percent of Pasadena’s children attend private schools. Enrollment would not be declining if a concerted effort was made to bring back the kids in private schools to the public school system. Go to the district headquarters on Del Mar. You’ll see reserved parking spots for top execs right next to the door. These spots are usually empty early in the day and later in the afternoon. Coming in late and making it up by leaving early. The public should be irate over the mess at PUSD. Pasadena is too good a community to be saddled with a pathetic public school system. Hopefully, citizens will demand real change soon. Clean out the top echelon and get some competent leaders in place.