A Gentle presence

Like so many others, we were deeply saddened to hear of Gina Zamparelli’s untimely passing (“A Great Force,” June 14).

The home we live in would be gone if not for her efforts. We will miss her gentle presence.

Here is the story in her words from Oct. 31, 2005:

“Dear Mr. Malouf,

Just wanted to send a word of thanks for purchasing Weatherwolde Castle.I could not be more pleased to know Weatherwolde now has a wonderful new owner. Thank you!!

I was the person who created the media blitz the day before the bulldozer was going to hit Weatherwolde.

Thought you might like to know a bit of history behind saving Weatherwolde. I received email at midnight, the night before the bulldozer was going to hit the castle. Tujunga Historical Society contacted CV Heritage and CV Heritage contacted me. I’m the president of Friends of the Raymond Theatre, a nonprofit working to save Pasadena’s historic Raymond Theatre. I live in La Cañada.

I called both CV Heritage and Tujunga Historical Society immediately and asked what was going on. Being a concert promoter by trade, I happened to have all media contacts on email and numbers to fax radio and television on hand. By 1 a.m. in the morning I had a press release ready. By 3 a.m. I had emailed and faxed every media outlet possible.

I also called the police and asked they send out cars and helicopters.

I could not sleep the rest of the night, hoping my media blitz was enough to scare off the bulldozer. I asked CV Heritage to call and let me know the outcome.

The calls started coming early, saying ‘Gina, what did you do!’ I was told the media were out in force and so were the police and I had scared off the bulldozer. Whew!

CV Heritage asked me to come see what was happening, so at 6 p.m. that evening I went to the Weatherwolde to find neighbors and media still outside the castle.

I have also helped CV Heritage guide this project, in case we had to take legal steps to save Weatherwolde. I’ve been working 17 years to save the Raymond Theatre, so there isn’t much I haven’t done in the way of preservation, and now try to lend a hand to other projects in need.

Just wanted you to know the history. I thought it was so wonderful to see three preservation organizations, get in touch in the middle of the night, to save the castle by the morning.

We are all overjoyed to know Weatherwolde now is in good hands. That was our hope.

If I can send out a press release or help you get items from the castle back, let me know. I have an email list of people who were at the site the day of the rally and media contacts.

May Weatherwolde bring you years of joy!

Sincerely, Gina Zamparelli”




Re Hutchinson Report on traffic stop reporting procedures not likely to end racial profiling

Mr. Hutchinson reports the notorious NYPD racially based stops targeting African- American and Latino New Yorkers (over 600,000 in 2013) were ended by a federal judge that year.  The good news is that by 2015 stops and frisks by NYPD had dropped to 16,000 with no increase in crime. The police did scream, but they also stopped their notorious stop and frisk racial profiling.

California is starting this year to require law enforcement officers to record much more detail about any stop, pedestrian or motorist, and to turn the statistics into the state Attorney General’s Office, under the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA). LAPD started this year. Pasadena PD, due to our small size, was slated to start collecting these records in 2022 until the Coalition for Increased Civilian Oversight of Pasadena Police (CICOPP) and Pasadenans Organizing for Progress  (POP), following the Chris Ballew beating, demanded that PPD start this record keeping next year. 

I think the evidence from NYPD shows this insidious pattern of racial profiling by police, including PPD, can be stopped. CICOPP/POP will be monitoring the results and letting the citizenry know.  With people watching and the new RIPA law in California, I think we may well be seeing the demise of racial profiling in traffic and pedestrian stops.