White male victimhood is bogus. When you run the entire US government and own most of the country’s wealth, and you complain that descendants of former slaves can use the “N” word and you can’t, you’re just plain stupid or a fake whiner or both.

If you compare the “hardship” of being a member of a Russian-installed corporate kleptocracy fake-government (like so many talk radio Nazis do) with being one of the 10 percent of Americans who is gay and actually being picked on, you’re just full of crap or covering up for criminals.

Boohoo for you! This is standard fake-populist Trump BS. If rich white guys are being picked on (as their false equivalency goes), then it’s OK for them to pick on women, brown people, black people, gay people and poor people — at least in their twisted, sick minds.




A letter to the Altadena Board of Trustees, Betsy Kahn, president, Ryan Roy, acting director:

As a patron of the Altadena Library District (ALD) for almost three years, and having attended numerous board meetings, I am writing to this board to express my concern at its awful behavior. 

The powerful nonverbal communications of this ALD Board are very telling.  I see a stoic, nonresponsive, taciturn and non-communicative body. You rarely, if ever, respond to questions or comments from the community. You never explain your reasoning. 

Example: You cannot find a way to make a neutral statement that you do not support violations of the Brown Act (which you have repeatedly broken and are being sued over), despite being asked to do so numerous times. 

Example: You contemptuously will not answer a question as simple as whether or not specific board members are running for office at the next election.

Example: At a meeting, library staff had to speak during public comment to express their dismay at this board’s lack of outreach to staff, despite staff morale being an important issue under discussion.   

This board lives in a vacuum, believing that somehow, magically, it knows and/or can make informed decisions, even though it doesn’t seek input from relevant sources. This demonstrates a closed-minded and uninformed approach to important library business, which is its standard operating procedure. These are not the actions of a healthy board. Our library deserves better.  

Comparing this ALD Board’s behavior with the behavior of our embattled library director, Ms. Mindy Kittay, we see a dramatic difference. Ms. Kittay engages the community, works with people, talks to and includes people. She started the very popular Community Conversations which have helped transform Altadena. Some comments from community leaders include: 

“The Altadena Library District has become a gem of the community under Mindy’s leadership.”Lisa J. Cavelier, Director, Collaborate Pasadena


“It is with Mindy’s strategic planning and vision that the Altadena Library has been so successful and a major community player.”  Cynthia Kumanchik

“In my decades of experience, I can attest that Mrs. Kittay is among the few who understand what it takes to transform an organization for the better, affect positive change, and make a public library deliver on its promise.  . . . To see how far ALD has come, on all fronts, is both remarkable and rare.”Justin Sager, West Region Lead for ARCH Consultants Ltd.

Ms. Kittay did not receive these letters by accident. They are due to her behaviors that show a visionary leader and her tangible results. This ALD Board does none of that, your past president resigning at the first accusation of Brown Act violations. More resignations are needed: Trustees Bershatsky and Zambrano need to go. Now. 

Ms. Kittay has had to sue this ALD Board over its Brown Act violations and other bad behavior and has been placed on administrative leave since May 2018. She is not allowed to work as library director, with no reason whatsoever given by this ever non-communicative board.  It is time to end this farce and bring this leader back.



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