President Trump just used the Bible as an excuse to divide parents from infants and abduct and torture children at detention sites. Our president has now reached the lowest bar, repeating a similar program that Nazis once employed under Hitler. Trump is not only a horrific example for the Christian faith; he is a horrific example and disgrace for our country.




Donald Trump has been placing various tariffs on products produced overseas. There are arguments between economists as to whether these tariffs are helpful to the American economy. So far it seems the tariffs have been useful to the Trump administration in opening discussions with other nations in renegotiating trade agreements.

What is not being thought about is the cost to the environment of the global economy. When viewed for this standpoint, the Trump administration’s tariffs are far too low and far too temporary.

It is true that US manufacturers have moved production from the United States to China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and the like to avoid those burdensome and costly regulations. We are shipping steel, aluminum, glass and plastic production to places that impose lower environmental standards than those in place in America in 1955. This, naturally, leads to local environmental degradation where the factories are located. But this unregulated production also pollutes the entire world’s air and oceans. This shift in production from places with clean air, soil and water regulations to places with no regulation has an obvious worldwide systemic negative impact.

The United States, Europe and the British Commonwealth should develop tariffs based on the differential of the cost between complying and not complying with clean air, soil and water standards, plus a penalty for the pollution, plus a further penalty for shipping the products halfway around the world. Yes, the shipping has an impact on worldwide clean oceans and clean air. These tariffs would improve worldwide water, air and soil quality by encouraging either production in nations with high ecological standards for production or for nations without those standards to implement them to keep production there.

The United States can, and as the world’s largest consumer should, implement tariffs that protect the environment of the whole Earth.




“Christian” conservative politicians have no empathy or emotion. They do not know love. They are psychopaths hidden behind a “mask of sanity” that presents them as Christians, but they are not Christians. They are “Caricatures of Christians.” Their actions are not Christ-like. They take everything from their fellow man. They are fascists who create misery, pain, civil oppression, economic failure and endless war. They don’t care about us; they have no guilt, conscience or remorse.

Our thinking is atomized. Whatever we concern ourselves with grows. Emphasize democracy, not fascism. All we do is discuss possibilities of what was bad, what is bad, and what may be bad. We see, hear and know what is right but we are too cowardly to take on the injustice we see festering everywhere. We have all the information we need to unite and break free. We deny what we know because our awareness demands that we unite in every different fight. Think only how to unite. Unite your intelligence and intuition into one thinking unit for change. Think only on how to change America for the better.




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