In case you have forgotten, September marked nine years since the death of Mitrice Richardson and still there are not answers to who murdered her. I remain ever vigilant in my quest for justice and continue to hold out hope that her murderer will be found and that she may rest in peace.

If you have not already done so please like and follow her page as there will be some updates that may compel someone to come forward.

Thinking always of Mitrice,




By the year 2040 the only intelligences on Earth may well be artificial intelligences. During the most recent few decades, companies have been created all over the world whose main mission is to develop computers that think, and to build robots to carry out whatever orders their computer brains give them. During that same time frame, the children of today have been hypnotized and brainwashed into letting their computers and electronic gadgets do their thinking for them. So many people have fallen into this category that no one has the time or interest to take a look at the world around them to see what has happened to the one planet and life-giving environment we all depend on.

In May of 1992, an opportunity was presented to the US government to use brief applications of controlled heat to replace tens of billions of pounds of toxic chemicals used annually to grow our food. This opportunity was killed to benefit the USDA’s chemical company benefactors. Government methods used to kill this opportunity have not been honest, legal, and in the interest of future generations or global health. US politicians work to please special interest money, not “We the People.” A recent program on public broadcasting said that babies born today have about 200 cancer-causing chemicals in their bodies at birth because of what their mothers ingested in their food, air and water.

On Oct. 22, 2014, The Wall Street Journal ran the article “Race to Find Organic Pesticide.” This story described how the USDA and its chemical company partners created and released worldwide $54 billion worth of a new bacteria as a replacement for chemical agricultural pesticide. A scientific report from 1996 stated that releasing a new bacteria or virus is more dangerous than releasing nuclear contamination. Six months after the 2014 article, it was reported that coral reefs around the world were dead or dying, including the Great Barrier Reef. Twelve months after the report the crabs on the West Coast of America were producing high levels of neurotoxin. By August of 2016 it was reported that poisonous algae blooms threatened people and ecosystems across the US. Bacteria thrive in warm places. Our equatorial oceans are dead, plus other huge environmental dominos are falling worldwide. Government experts blame everything on global warming instead of chemical and other pollution.

I have noticed that many life forms have disappeared after each of our infrequent rains in Southern California — snails, ladybugs, caterpillars and many more. I’ve worked 36 years, over half my life, trying to get people to look up from their computers long enough to see what was happening to the Earth beneath their feet. Early on in my garden I learned that God and Mother Nature are one and the same.

On Oct. 22, 2014, I realized that Pandora’s Box had been opened and that I had failed to complete my mission. Without nature, already our rain and fresh water are polluted, our air is unclean; and now that the bees are disappearing, soon there will be very little food to eat. I believe that, except for the few who are hidden away, humans have little to no future past the end of the 2040s, and only the artificial intelligences may remember our passing.

May God’s mercy be with you.




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