With each passing season we are not only reminded that change is inevitable but that we, like nature, can make changes that regenerate ourselves and society. In my opinion, nature and humanity are begging for a political narrative based on a “regenerative politic,” one that encourages life-sustaining, spiritual principles in the political arena. It is these principles that birthed a regenerative politic and inspired the creation of our nation’s Constitution, thereby establishing a lawful foundation from which all positive social, spiritual and economic changes aligned.

Another example of this is the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who prominently espoused these principles in his famed “I Have a Dream” speech. The case against poverty and racism was propelled into the world forum by the venerated lawyer and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi, and Frances Perkins, the first US Secretary of Labor (who also supported her sick husband and their child). She was the architect of the New Deal and fought to create a middle-class and Social Security for all Americans. These three people comingled spiritual principles and political narratives. Each determined not to rely on benign rationalism, racism or party politics, but pressed forward in a progressive manner, eschewing acclaim in favor of fairness and economic security for all.

Their voices and political actions generated profound legislation, giving credence to civil rights legislation, including the right to vote, and the abolishment of child labor. These individuals denounced non-democratic principles amidst a backdrop of violent opposition, false accusations and attempts on their lives. Those who opposed them argued contrary political narratives and tactics such as: partisan appeals, voter suppression, violence and brutality that continues to this day. Regeneration has never been their goal.

In 2018, there is still time to begin the fall season with a regenerative politic that moves us forward without divisive belief systems supported by misleading narratives. The nation and the world must learn to look beyond sanctions, fear and revenge — these are not the only viable alternatives. In my opinion, humanity’s greatest threats are not nuclear war and global warming but the unwillingness to make it mandatory that they are no longer possible.

Principled local, national and world leaders can choose to implement policies that provide safe food, water and shelter for their people. Perhaps they could garner enough support to implement a Spiritual Defense and Welfare Treaty and live by it.

Of course, none of this is easy, but in America we still have freedom of speech. On the other hand, prayer, which is not violent and does not need to be audible, is forbidden in public schools. There is a dangerous political narrative I have heard lately about making schools safer by arming “certain teachers.” Is this the ultimate message and solution America’s children can expect from sane adults in our nation? Is this the political narrative we want heard around the world? Certainly prayer is “safer” than guns. Americans are the most heavily armed populace in the world, yet school shootings and shootings in other public places continue.

On the world front, leaders should be willing to discuss and debate the benefits of spiritual principles and conflict resolution.  They can study the lives of the three individuals I mentioned earlier in this story. Next, they can individually or as a group meditate to gain wisdom and insight about prioritized issues of life-threatening concern. They can start with Psalms 25:9 from the Bible, which states: “He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way.” Humility is a respected virtue throughout the world.

It is important to recognize typical characteristics of those who fight against regenerative change and a regenerative politic. Look at their perilous actions and listen to their inflammatory speech. They build alliances to degenerate continuing efforts and policies to maintain the delicate balance between nature and humanity. They are motivated by personal gain. They have to be educated or convinced, but if they oppose based on their principles or lack thereof, they become a stumbling block.

For a regenerative politic to work, the majority of humanity and world leadership must choose to live by its principles, which means agreeing to peacefully co-exist, something that can only be viable when everyone’s basic needs are met. I believe when that day arrives, harmony will restore the delicate balance between nature and humanity — then nations will disarm, then all will look forward to the season of a lifetime. 

Alicia Dhanifu, MFA, is a producer, educator and writer. To order her CD “How to Forgive Oneself and Others,” visit fitandfundvds.com or write to PO Box 91797, Pasadena, Calif., 91109.