We’ve been baking in an unprecedented heat wave while other parts of the world are flooding. For years, climate science models such as those being done right now at JPL have been telling us this would happen. The world can no lo longer sustain the buildup of carbon dioxide and methane in our air. It’s creating a suffocating blanket around the world that even the oceans and the trees are no longer able to keep up with and scrub from the atmosphere.

But we humans can start right now to do something about it. We can begin locally to insist that we get no more of our energy from carbon producing fossil fuels. Then Pasadena can proudly proclaim that all its power is from 100 percent renewable energy. That’s what Pasadena 100 stands for. That is what an enlightened population like ours wants for our future and that of our children.




A hungry child or senior that happens to be poor did not choose poverty or going without. All lives do matter and with the aid of a few good people, lives could be enhanced greatly — and yes, with charity.

We can do good works to end hunger right where we live.

Take an example of a woman living in the Deep South who worked her whole life to save enough money and create a food share program to feed hungry children. She collects donated food, prepares meals (300 of them) and drives 100 miles a day to make deliveries. Why? Because she FEELS it is her duty.

There are thousands of families here that go to bed hungry — something is wrong with this picture.

All life matters.




Re: Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh: The general public has no way to know which of the two was telling the truth except by their televised presentation and their history.

Dr. Ford was unable to recall some details of her experience of decades ago, but she was clear and consistent in those eliciting traumatic fear. Her manner was congruent in every way of a woman reliving a traumatic event verbally in a public forum. Her answers were responsive and unequivocal. She corrected her interrogator with appropriate courtesy at times, as though wanting to tell her story as exactly as possible.

Clearly this woman wanted simply to do her civic duty and return to her remarkably successful normal life, with this behind her. No one unearthed any other motive for her accusation.

She came in with a polygraph result and requested the FBI investigate.

Judge Kavanaugh, on the other hand, came across as angry, self-pitying, evasive, dodging many direct questions with irrelevant remarks about beer, and inappropriately turning one question back on a female senator.

He refused to back either an FBI inquiry or a polygraph.

Understandably, the judge was unhappy at the turn of events. Who could blame him? Apparently he had suffered bullying and death threats by anonymous partisans — as had Dr. Ford. But his tirade against Democrats allegedly “seeking revenge for President Clinton” suggests this man would be entering high office with strong prejudices against parties most likely to come before the court.

While Judge Kavanaugh received a “very qualified” bar association rating recently, in past years he was downgraded to “qualified,” citing just those troublesome characteristics exhibited in his testimony — bias and lack of judicial temperament.

This is not a man who belongs on the high court.




I urge you to vote yes on Proposition 6. This is a grassroots effort to repeal the increase in the gas tax by 12 cents per gallon  and an additional increase in the car registrations fees by up to $175. It has been estimated by Reform California, the committee leading the repeal effort, that the average family of four will pay $780 more per year in gas and registrations fees. While Jerry and his politician friends in Sacramento are wasting our car taxes on other things than roads (like the bullet train), they had the audacity to raise the taxes even more! To place this initiative on the ballot, some 580,000 signatures were needed. Through truly grassroots efforts, over 1 million were collected to qualify the initiative on the November ballot.

In 1977 the average citizen like you and me told the politicians they were tired of unfair taxes. So Proposition 13 was passed. Let’s tell those Sacramento clowns that “We are not going to take this anymore.” Vote yes on Proposition 6.

For more information, visit gastaxrepeal.org.




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