Health insurance is today’s No. 1 issue.

The greed of the pharmaceutical companies has spun completely out of control.

My family physician has diabetes patients who are in danger of dying because they can no longer use insulin priced out of their range.

I cannot afford my blood thinner and now rely exclusively on samples from my physicians. My own physician has been prescribed a blood thinner twice as expensive as mine and makes the rounds of his fellow physicians asking for samples.

The solution? With single-payer insurance the state can require all the pharmaceutical companies to submit bids, with the exclusive contracts going to the ones with the lowest bids.

Watch how quickly the companies come down in their prices.

This method is working in single-payer Europe. Hip prostheses, which costs $20,000 here, costs $2,000 there.

A single-payer California could become Canada overnight.




Let me get this straight: In Trump world, climate change is a hoax, spawned in China, and a peaceful protest by women against sexual abuse is an “angry mob”; so angry, in fact, Republicans want to start charging for our First Amendment rights.

Trump also calls news, with multiple reliable sources most of the time, “fake news,” but I tend to believe Trumpnews trumps fake news. Trump is more like watching Stephen King as president, only on psychotropics.

If you believe our climate crisis is a hoax, then you were vacationing in another state when we had 85-degree weather in December last year, wind gusts of 60 mph, and a 294,000-acre Thomas Fire. (And that fire-breaking record lasted less than a year).

Or your television was broken when the warm water in the Gulf, around the Florida Panhandle, alchemized from a category 2 storm into a category 4, a hurricane with 155-mph winds that contained 200 mph tornadoes!

That warm water in the Gulf wasn’t because things got so hot in all those Trump Tower hotel rooms, as the master of fiction would have us believe. No. That warm water that “supercharged” Michael was caused by climate change.

Yes, our own gluttony and our own government’s refusal to move our nation to renewable energy sources was the culprit. And, what is fake, or rather censored about the news is, they never mention the “C” phrase, climate change, not even once. (Got to follow Trump directives and obey those gas and oil sponsors).

And Trump referring to women exercising their constitutional rights and diligent civic duty as a “mob” while mocking Professor Ford’s pain should tell us all how fair and just he is to women. And it should also tell us all we need to know about how fair and just the FBI investigation he pirated was for women.

When you can’t find a judge with less than three allegations of rape, debauchery and sexual misconduct, to be on the highest court in the land, while the Senate repeatedly fails to pass an equal rights amendment for women — that should tell us all who is fake in Washington, and that there is a huge problem in the Babylon Beltway. Consequently, scoundrels are picked for our highest offices.

What is amazing and disturbing to me is just how many Americans are drinking Trump’s fictional Kool-Aid. Stephen King couldn’t write a better script, nor get as many voters to approve of it.




Gov. Jerry Brown was rolled by lobbyists to sign Assembly Bill 2989, but only after the California Legislature was rolled to pass the stupid new law that removes helmet-wearing requirements and speed limits below 35 miles per hour for electric scooters.

The only bright side I can see to this is how it will increase the supply of donor organs.

Apparently, you only need a helmet if you’re smart.




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