All Saints Church will conduct a memorial service and reception on Tuesday, Dec. 11, to acknowledge the lives of homeless people who have died and their membership in the human family. 

The event starts at 6 p.m. Rector Mike Kinman and Deacon Antonio Gallardo will lead the service.

According to the All Saints website, “Each year, thousands of persons experiencing homelessness die on the streets of our nation due to illness, exposure or violence, many from the Pasadena community. These individuals die without the dignity and respect they deserve.”

According to the latest homeless count, there are 677 homeless people in Pasadena, an 18 percent increase from last year when 575 homeless people were counted.

The homeless population in Los Angeles County dropped by 4 percent — from 55,048 to 52,765 — during the same time period, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA).

Even more alarming is the rise in homeless seniors. Pasadena saw a 65 percent increase — from 153 to 253 — in homeless seniors (people 50 and older) over the past two years. The San Gabriel Valley saw a staggering 116 percent increase in that age range — from 188 to 406 — over the past year, according to the county homeless count.

In August, Pasadena Housing Director Bill Huang told the Pasadena Weekly that increases are largely due to economic woes as costs continue to rise at rates that make basic housing unaffordable for middle-class and poor people alike.

According to Huang, the average Social Security payment of $1,300 a month is well below a month’s housing costs in high-rent Pasadena.

The average rent for an apartment in Pasadena is about $2,200 a month. Landlords can raise the rent at any time, and in some cases residents are faced with $500 a month increases. A local effort to force a rent control ordinance onto the November ballot failed in May. A statewide initiative that would have repealed a law blocking rent control in local communities failed in November.

All Saints is at 132 N Euclid Ave, Pasadena. For more information, visit or call (626) 796-1172.