To former Sheriff Jim McDonnell: This may be the last opportunity to address you and I wanted to remind you of a letter that I sent you in 2017.  At that time I was frustrated by what I believed was your lack of regard for the community and while I have always been honest that I did not support you when you were running for office in 2013-14, I wanted you to be successful as that would be for the good of the community. In my 2017 letter I was attempting to appeal to you to be present and available for the community and to the officers under your command as I felt you were falling short. 

While I see the media has focused your loss on the belief that Alex Villanueva capitalized on the Latino vote as well as associating you with Trump and the Republican Party, I am not buying it. I would encourage you to look at the part you played in losing this election. In my humble opinion it was apathy and arrogance that lost you the election. The bottom line is that you were not available to the community or to your deputies. This lack of availability is evidenced by the fact that you were so sure of yourself that you chose not to show up for debates and you were so convinced that you were going to win that you did not pay attention to what was going on around you.

I know Alex Villanueva was a longshot. Many in the media continually told me that covering the election was a waste of time, as you were a shoe-in. Apparently you believed the hype about yourself and you ran your campaign as you ran your time in office, uninvolved.

As you move on to a new chapter in your life I wish you well and hope that you have grown and learned from this experience.




Re: “Totality of Circumstances,” Nov. 22

How could anyone review the video of this beating and conclude that the officers acted lawfully?




It amazes me in the world of Trumpism where a large majority of the American public voted for a con man that now the citizens of Pasadena have been conned by their city officials

Mayor Tornek and his cronies at City Hall made a very public effort to get voters to approve Measure I because of the fiscal crisis facing Pasadena. Then they have the audacity to give a $10,000 raise to Mr. Mermell, raising his salary from $286,000 to $296,00 a year. To add insult to injury they also award him a $10,000 bonus. That amounts to a $20,000 annual raise, or 7 percent. When was the last time a person reading this had a 7 percent raise?

Here we are again in the era of sending money to those who least need it. In a time where we are seeing out-of-control rent increases and skyrocketing health care premiums we are now asking the residents to pay the highest sales tax in the state. It is shameful that the city has conned the residents into voting for this tax increase.

Recreational marijuana is about to be legalized in the city and there will be a huge windfall from those taxes going into the city coffers. Mr Mermell says the increase was to avoid a budget crisis that could leave the city with a potential debt of $3 million. So we are rewarding him for allowing this to happen?

It is my hope that the residents will follow the public school issue and the homeless issue closely. I personally have watched the homeless crisis deteriorate over the past few years. I have had both verbal and written communication with various city officials about the panhandling that goes on near Lake and Corson and the response is the same canned message. And it’s only gotten worse.

I for one will be watching very closely to see if this additional funding will help to alleviate this issue. I have heard a lot of talk but very little action on this issue. I hope the residents will remember this when the next proposition for funding comes up and the schools are in no better shape and the homeless issue has deteriorated.

It’s difficult enough living in a city where every new business seems to be more expensive then the business it replaces. I guess the city feels that it’s better to get a 3/4 cent sales tax when you dine at a place like Paul Martins instead of Subway. No surprise that the locally owned mom and pop stores are disappearing and being replaced by more expensive businesses that cater to the higher income residents. My message to the residents. As The Who famously lyricized, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” in “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”


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I’m a 24-year-old software engineer, and I am concerned that our country does not consider its citizen’s lives a priority.

Not long ago the United Nations told the world that we have 12 years to rid our civilization of fossil fuels to avoid catastrophic climate disaster.

How do our political leaders choose to respond to this call for action? It seems they see two choices: 1) follow the president, who does not believe in the vast majority of scientists who have dedicated their entire lives toward the subject matter, in saying that climate change isn’t real, or 2) follow Nancy Pelosi and a neoliberal agenda in proposing a committee with no authority to make real actions just to, at the surface, appeal to the masses.

However, it turns out that there is a less supported yet substantially better option. We have leaders in our country, leaders such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who have created a resolution to drafted a House Select Committee for a Green New Deal in Congress.

The Green New Deal has the opportunity to create millions of green jobs, rid ourselves of fossil fuels and become a world leader in green energy exports. The Green New Deal is our best shot at saving our species, all the while acting as a massive economic stimulus.

At the time of this writing, Ocasio-Cortez’s resolution had 10 supporters in Congress. If we are to move forward as a country and as a species, we need Congress members everywhere to support this action, Congress members such as our very own Rep. Judy Chu.

I wonder what side of the coin she will be on.




It’s time to change the discourse about climate change. We’re facing devastating consequences due to climate change. I support Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s resolution to create a House Select Committee for a Green New Deal in Congress. We need a Green New Deal to create millions of green jobs, move our country off fossil fuels, and protect working people of all backgrounds. Congress members should support this resolution.




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