City Manager Steve Mermell announced the names of members of a panel that will interview the remaining four candidates in the running to become the city’s next police chief.

The panel includes: Danny Donabedian, chair of the Pasadena chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America; Northwest Commission member Ralph Frammolino; Lake Avenue Church Community Outreach Pastor Mayra Macedo-Nolan; Planning Commissioner Steven Olivas; Robinson Park Recreation Center Renovation Project Steering Committee Chair Danny Parker; Sheryl Turner, a former Northwest Commission member; and Brian Williams, executive director, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission.

The group was expected to begin interviewing the finalists on Wednesday, according to Pasadena Public Information Officer Lisa Derderian.

Interim Pasadena Police Chief John Perez and Commander Cheryl Moody are among the four finalists to replace former Chief Phillip Sanchez. 

The names of the remaining two candidates could not be confirmed at press time.

“Selecting the community members was a difficult task given the significant level of interest on the part of many. While the responsibility for the selection of a chief of police rests ultimately with me, it is important that our community have a voice in the process,” said Mermell.

Mermell said he looked forward to receiving the panel’s “candid and honest feedback, which is an important part of the selection process.”

All of the finalists are presently serving at a commander level or higher position within their respective police agencies. 

After the panel completes its interviews, the finalists will be interviewed by Mermell, who will weigh the panel’s input and make the final decision on the city’s police chief.

Mermell has the sole decision- making power on the selection.

Sanchez announced his resignation in March. Perez, then deputy chief, officially moved into the position in April after Sanchez left the department.

“Based on their experience and qualifications, they are all capable of doing the job, but determining who is best suited for our community requires careful consideration,” Mermell said.