I am an 85-year-old product of the Catholic indoctrination and propaganda system. It took most of my life to emancipate myself from the formidable clutches of the Catholic scam.

However much I tried, its genius guilt program would not allow me to surmount its grasp of my mental faculties.

Finally, through research and study, I was able to gain my freedom, rid myself of its adhesive misinformation, and achieve mental and spiritual freedom.

In my experience, I felt wedded to Catholicism, despite the common sense that warned me to stay away. Today, we are repeatedly reminded of the hypocrisy of the priesthood, with any number of those men choosing membership in the Princes of Christ brotherhood in order to gain access to small, innocent and available children to rape, sodomize and mutilate mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

The clincher for me was the efforts to cover up crimes by Catholic hierarchy, leaders of dioceses like Los Angeles, where a cardinal covered up for child molesting priests in order to save the Church’s reputation. It has been confirmed that the church constructed a facility to house predatory priests who had been confirmed child molesters in their churches, schools and congregations; a place where priests could be removed from the mainstream of Catholic parishes and activity. It cost the church millions of dollars to construct the facility and provide all the supporting equipment, manpower, privacy and security to shield it from the outside world, from reality.

In so doing, the Catholic Church solidified its reputation for being among the most notorious of criminal organizations, such as the Mafia. It may as well have had its headquarters in Sicily and not the Vatican, with its administrators clad in papal robes and the luxuries of royalty.

The downfall of the Catholic Church has been slowed by its enormous wealth and the participation of wealthy families and institutions. But the propaganda that ensures its stability is no longer the formidable force it once was. The Church could have endured forever had it not been for its complacency and lack of supervision over renegade priests who raped and sodomized little kids.

The practice had been regarded common and acceptable. After all, who could question a priest with a winning smile and wearing a black robe, with a crucifix hanging from his neck? The fact is, for untold centuries criminals have taken to the priesthood in order to have free access to innocent lambs to rape and sodomize. The easiest thing was for popes and cardinals to look the other way and play ignorant. As a result, it became the longest lasting syndicated crime organization in the history of mankind. The expertise of its management ensured protection from governments and societies alike. In fact, it became more criminal to report crime within the Church than to commit crime within the Church. Everyone in charge was admired, respected and protected, everyone but the millions of voiceless, defenseless victims — the kids and the nuns. In fact, convent administrators instructed young nuns to obey priests without question above everything else. Nothing a priest did could be regarded wrong or sinful.

A priest could enter a convent and have his way with any and all virgin females he lusted over, and nothing would be said. Any novice nun who reported an errant priest would be humiliated, ostracized and made to suffer for her disrespect toward that priest. The rare nun who protested was forced to leave the convent, return to her family in shame and live the rest of her life in disgrace. For those who chose to withstand the pain of victimization, the struggle for her eternal reward in heaven became impossible, regardless of the choice she made. Who would she confess to? How could she seek forgiveness for allowing a priest, a man, to take advantage of her and not risk losing the rewards of eternal life?

This is the essence of the great Catholic Church whose sins are overlooked by the masses and supported by their contributors and the sacrifices of their children who must suffer the burden of a shamed life.




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