Stop using your car. There will be no more potholes that way — money saved.

What people need is to ditch the cars and use more public transportation, bicycles and scooters, which will mean less pollution and less waste.

In most cars there is only one person.

Why is there so much pollution for just one person?




The bombshell letter by Miguel Espinoza Jr. in the Pasadena Weekly of Jan. 17 (“Eyes Wide Open”) really opened my eyes totally wide. A million kudos to the writer for his courage and your boldness in printing the letter — an absolute indictment of the great Roman Catholic Church.

Many of the scandals are now unfolding even in India where recently four nuns were punished for supporting another nun who was reportedly raped by Bishop Franco Mulakkal. However, as is the practice, the Catholic Church in Kerala state is supporting the man and bullying, threatening and punishing the nuns.

This incident in India is the tip of the iceberg. The vast Roman Catholic empire has been under the public microscope for decades. Under controversial Pope Francis it has just cracked, not crumbled. Recently, there was another devastating report on the Internet that said, “Pope Francis may have finally reached the end of the line and these sex scandals may be the final nail in his career’s coffin.”

Another recent report said the pope has surrendered to the Chinese Communist Party and has given partial control of their Church in China. The fall is not too far.   

The Vatican enjoys the status of a nation and is given all the diplomatic privileges worldwide, with the Pope regarded as a head of state.

The Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian church in the world with over 1.3 billion followers, should be a shining example of a perfect religion, but, sadly, it is being shattered by scandals and compromises.




Let’s provide some historical context to the building of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent shooting of dozens attempting to flee East Berlin and the GDR by going over it.

The wall was built during the height of the Cold War by the German Democratic Republic with support from their Soviet allies. It came after years of cloak and dagger activities — some deadly — engineered by both sides. The GDR was geographically on the front line of the East-West divide and vulnerable. From the GDR’s point of view, and not one I necessarily support, anyone going over that wall could have been a foreign agent taking state secrets to the Federal Republic, the USA, or another Western power.

Keep in mind those killed crossing the Berlin Wall were not the only lethal victims of the Cold War; how many Americans committed suicide during the McCarthy witch hunt and the Hollywood Black List period? How about 60,000 dead Americans and 1.6 million dead Vietnamese during that Cold War episode?

The wall came down when it was clear it was an anachronism. The Cold War had burned itself out by the time East Germans took hammers to the wall.

Let’s look at the wall in the full historical context of an unfortunate period.




With the holidays behind us, we look forward to the New Year and the customary resolutions: reduce social media, reduce weight, and this year reduce animal food consumption.

One third of consumers already report reducing their consumption of animal foods. Hundreds of schools, colleges, hospitals, and corporate cafeterias have embraced Meatless Monday. Even fast-food chains Chipotle, Denny’s, Panera, Subway, Taco Bell and White Castle are rolling out plant-based options.

A dozen startups, led by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, are creating healthy, eco-friendly, compassionate, convenient, delicious plant-based meat and dairy products. Meat industry giants Tyson Foods, Cargill and Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods have invested heavily in plant-based meat development. So have a number of Microsoft, Google, Twitter and PayPal pioneers.

According to Plant-Based Foods Association, plant-based food sales have grown by 20 percent in the past year, 10 times the growth rate of all foods.

Sales of plant-based cheeses, creamers, butter, yogurts and ice creams are exploding at a 50 percent growth rate. Plant-based milks now account for 15 percent of the milk market.

The plant-based New Year’s resolution requires no sweat or deprivation —- just some fun exploration of your favorite supermarket and food websites.