An effort to recall Councilman Victor Gordo ended on Monday after proponents missed a deadline to file required documents at Pasadena City Hall.

Bradley Hertz of the San Francisco-based Sutton Law Firm failed to file two copies of a draft petition and proof that that a notice of intention to circulate a recall petition was published in a local newspaper.

City Clerk Mark Jomsky confirmed that the paperwork had not been filed on time.

“There is no further action required by the City Clerk’s Office,” Jomsky said.

According to a the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s website, “Any error or discrepancy in following any of the steps in connection with a particular recall may require that some or all steps taken up to that point be re-initiated.”

The petition claimed that “Gordo is unresponsive to calls and correspondence and inaccessible to community members and constituents.”

Hertz called the decision not to file the documents “strategic.”

“The ‘notice of intention to circulate recall petition’ with regard to Pasadena City Councilmember Victor Gordo is in the process of being revised and refiled,” said Hertz in an email.

Hertz represents Shaun Szameit, owner of a shuttered marijuana dispensary that unsuccessfully attempted to meet with Gordo several times, according to emails released by Gordo.

Szameit refused to comment when contacted by the Pasadena Weekly on Tuesday.

Police raided Szameit’s Golden State Collective dispensary in December. The dispensary was operating without a license.

Szameit and three other defendants — Yulissa Gonzales, Tony Gutierrez, and property owner Elizabeth McDuffie — face a total of 18 misdemeanor charges in connection with possession of marijuana for sale, cannabis sales without a permit, and being a public nuisance. Szameit personally faces five charges, and in addition 21 zoning violations and $25,800 in fines. He and other allegedly illegal operators have unsuccessfully sued the city to overturn Measure CC, which Pasadena voters overwhelmingly approved in June to allow legal marijuana sales in limited locations throughout the city.

“It is imperative that jurisdictions only work with those operators who have respectable records and have shown good faith in their dealings with public officials. Otherwise, they’re opening the door for trouble,” Gordo said.  “I helped lead the effort to legalize responsible cannabis sales in Pasadena and they will start by summer. Until then, I look forward to putting this unfortunate controversy behind us.”