I’m a 24-year-old software engineer who is already witnessing the effects of climate change in my life.

A resolution for a bold solution, the Green New Deal, has been proposed by US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and US Sen. Ed Markey where they call for a World War II mobilization to completely reshape our economy and our society at the scale science demands to prevent this catastrophe, all the while creating millions of jobs in the process.

To be clear, according to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we have:

3,976 days, or

568 weeks, or

142 months or

11 years and

1 chance to stop the climate crisis.

And yet we wait for you:

US Reps. Katie Hill, Julia Brownley, Tony Cardenas, Brad Sherman, Pete Aguilar, Grace Napolitano, Norma Torres, Raul Ruiz, Karen Bass, Linda Sanchez, Gil Cisneros, Lucille Roybal-Allan, Nanette Barragan, Katie Porter, Luis Correa, Harley Rouda and Sen. Dianne Feinstein.





Of all the wall nonsense Trump has come up with, “human wall” might be the most absurd.

A “human wall,” in different words, is “border patrol.” The bottom line is Trump doesn’t know what he wants but wants it now, and is demanding that others jump through hoops to come up with some thread that he and his henchmen can spin as a success. To that end, Trump is willing to use extortion or other underhanded tactics. To put things in perspective; withholding disaster aid for wildfires, no big deal; but refugees seeking asylum, well that’s a national emergency. Outrageous.

And it’s not just Trump who is the culprit. Republicans are complicit. They have even spouted the talking point — paraphrasing — that $5 billion for the wall isn’t too much to ask for, it’s only one-tenth of 1 percent of the federal budget. In essence, they are saying it’s OK to waste taxpayer money on a political stunt because it’s just chump change. And they claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility? Vote their asses out! 





Ladies and gentlemen, it is amazing how media pundits and millions of ordinary folks out there believe we have only two borders.

Anyone who believes we have only two borders (Canada and Mexico) is either not using their brains to think with or they are lacking a proper education. We have four borders, folks, not two! There is the Pacific Ocean border and the Atlantic Ocean border. For what purpose do I make this point, you might ask?

The purpose is this: President Trumpet wants to build ONE wall (actually a fence and not, repeat, NOT a wall). Protecting one border is truly stupid folks, to the Nth degree! How are you going to protect the Atlantic Ocean border and the Pacific Ocean border? Is our entertainer-in-chief going to build a fence in either of the two oceans, along our enormous coast lines? I think not. Not now, not ever.

So, how are these two gigantic ocean borders going to be protected, to keep illegals out? Your guess, ladies and gentlemen, is better than mine.





I believe that over the next three to five years, hundreds of thousands of Californians will flee the state. The never-ending tax and overall cost of living increases have squeezed the middle class — and the wealthy who pay around 50 percent of their income in taxes — to the breaking point. The political decision to allow open borders, regardless of whether they are criminals or not, with housing, health care, education, and food paid for by taxpayers, is too much for many people (not to mention the thousands of “nonviolent” criminals released from prison).

I have lived in Northern California since 1986. I remember the days of great roads, schools, state tax rebates, and government that worked for the people. Those days are long gone. I have started a Facebook Group called Leaving California. Membership in the closed group is growing by 100 percent a month. So many people are moving to “sane” states where they can safely raise their families, in great school districts, with a manageable costs of living.

I’d be happy to discuss further with you. Feel free to reach out. Thanks!





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