A struggling artist who left Altadena to live in Indiana is recovering after a racially charged beating while riding on a public bus.

According to his Facebook page and police accounts, Milton Knight, 56, was riding a bus on in Bloomington, Indiana, when he was a attacked by a man who repeatedly called him the “N” word while hitting him in the face with what he called “endless punches.”

“I was beaten up today,” Knight wrote of the Feb. 25 incident. “To make a long story short, I was waiting for the bus, and a guy was using a one-sided conversation with people to shout N***** every two seconds. Went on for 15 minutes. I gave him the finger. He kept screaming N***** this and that. I let him have the last SHUT UP N*****, but after that he kept going. Soon it was COME OVER HERE, N***** I’LL KICK YOUR ASS and things like that. I went, and he did. I got in the second punch, but it was endless punches to the head, even after I went down.”

Arrested in the incident was Ronald Walker, 51, who is due in court on March 26 for a pretrial hearing on one felony count of battery resulting in moderate bodily injury.

“I was hanging onto his jacket, and he said he couldn’t get up. The cops came. I went to the hospital. Cuts, a broken nose and more. He went to the same hospital; he had busted a fist!! I pressed charges; he went to jail for battery,” he continued.

During his career, Knight worked on Mighty Mouse, Richie Rich, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Betty Boop comics. He also worked on “The New Twisted Adventures of Felix the Cat,” “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Johnny Test.” Knight also drew illustrations for such publications as High Times, National Lampoon, Heavy Metal and the Pasadena Weekly.

Last April, PW reported Knight, who says he suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result of treatment by his father and mother, was on the brink of being evicted from his rental home in Altadena, where he said he had contracted typhus as a result of the unsanitary conditions in his unit. He used proceeds from a gofundme campaign to move.

Regarding the incident, “The police were very nice. It’ll be a string of repairs for me. Soon I am going to die. I can’t take this anymore,” Knight said. 

  André Coleman