A Good Man

Ali Shirmohammadi came to this country from Iran 40 years ago to seek his American Dream. Ali was fortunate to be raised in a wonderful, blessed family, where at a very young age he and other family members learned from their parents that it was their duty and responsibility to serve humanity, especially the needy. Serving humanity and the needy was a daily tradition of his parents. Ali grew up following in the footsteps of his parents, as he has carried and practiced that tradition ever since arriving to America. 

The past 40 years Mr. Shirmohammadi has been a law-abiding citizen, along with his wonderful wife raising a beautiful family of four sons and a daughter. He has also continued to establish several successful businesses through hard work, dedication, sacrifice and perseverance.  

Among the businesses he is fortunate to have is one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley named Heidar Baba. Furthermore, he has continued to contribute to our community while helping the homeless and needy. He’s a pillar in the Iranian community and well respected. He always makes himself available to welcome immigrants from Iran who plan to reside in Pasadena and helps them find jobs and establish themselves. 

The past four years I have had the pleasure and honor of hosting an annual Pasadena police officers’ appreciation luncheon to say thanks to our wonderful police officers for their service and dedication to our community. 

When I first approached Mr. Shirmohammadi four years ago to seek his kindness of contributing food for the luncheon, he immediately said that it was his honor, pleasure and duty to take part in the event and show his appreciation to our wonderful officers who work so hard daily to serve and protect us.

Each of the past four years he has served a full variety of delicious Persian food and beverages to over 280 delighted officers. He has also sponsored “Mid-Summer Night Concert,” benefiting the Upper Hastings Ranch Association, serving food and beverages to over 250 people each year for the past seven years. When he was first approached seven years ago regarding sponsorship he indicated that it was his honor and duty to serve the community that has been so good to him. 

Mr. Ali Shirmohammadi is truly a blessing to his family and our community.




In CNN’s Town Hall (Feb. 25), Bernie Sanders took charge of the 2020 presidential campaign.

He came across as incisive, clear, compelling and confident, covering a comprehensive range of topics.

He had passion and purpose and was an intellectual tour de force.

He has the stamina of a man 20 years younger.

Unlike the other candidates, he has already been through the incomprehensible ordeal of a presidential campaign and is more than ready to do it all over again — it doesn’tfaze him one bit.

He knows and can articulate ALL the important issues and readily offers solutions for all of them.

He is poignantly fierce about the separation of children from their parents at the border and eviscerates Trump’s cruelty.

And he peremptorily dismisses Trump as a pathological liar and a fraud but he still has the grace to praise Trump’s negotiations with North Korea.

Finally, he has an unprecedented flair for raising ‘UGE amounts of grassroots money.

I believe he has already taken charge of this campaign and the other candidates will have to follow.

Tina Nguyen writes in Vanity Fair: “As the Democratic runner-up in 2016, Bernie Sanders has a built-in advantage that’s vaulted him to the front of the 2020 pack. He has nearly unparalleled name recognition, raised nearly $6 million within 24 hours of announcing his White House bid, and enjoys a sizable polling lead over several top rivals.”

Now Hillary Clinton staff members are targeting Bernie (“Bitter Clinton Staffers Are Still Complaining…About Bernie,” Vanity Fair) for using Clinton charter flights along with Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, and several other celebrities, while campaigning for Hillary.

Racking up a fraction of the $11.9 million Hillary’s campaign spent on charter flights, Bernie traveled to 39 rallies in 13 states during the final three months and 17 rallies in 11 states during the final week of the election.

According to Vanity Fair, Sanders’ 2016 campaign spokesman, Michael Briggs, said, “He busted his tail to fly all over the country to talk about why it made sense to elect Hillary Clinton and the thanks that [we] get is this kind of petty stupid sniping a couple years after the fact. . . .”

None of this will bother Bernie.

He is the most astonishing, resilient and influential phenomenon in US politics today.

And I am inspired by his resemblance to the great American anti-capitalist economist and philosopher, Richard Wolff, not only in appearance, but also in his analytical lucidity.

He may well turn out to be the sensation of this campaign as he was in 2016.

I do like all the other presidential candidates, however. 


Because they will make great running mates for Bernie. 




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I’m a 24-year-old software engineer, and I am concerned that our country does not consider its citizen’s lives a priority.

Not long ago the United Nations told the world that we have 12 years to rid our civilization of fossil fuels to avoid catastrophic climate disaster.

How do our political leaders choose to respond to this call for action? It seems they see two choices: 1) follow the president, who does not believe in the vast majority of scientists who have dedicated their entire lives toward the subject matter, in saying that climate change isn’t real, or 2) follow Nancy Pelosi and a neoliberal agenda in proposing a committee with no authority to make real actions just to, at the surface, appeal to the masses.

However, it turns out that there is a less supported yet substantially better option. We have leaders in our country, leaders such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who have created a resolution to drafted a House Select Committee for a Green New Deal in Congress.

The Green New Deal has the opportunity to create millions of green jobs, rid ourselves of fossil fuels and become a world leader in green energy exports. The Green New Deal is our best shot at saving our species, all the while acting as a massive economic stimulus.

At the time of this writing, Ocasio-Cortez’s resolution had 10 supporters in Congress. If we are to move forward as a country and as a species, we need Congress members everywhere to support this action, Congress members such as our very own Rep. Judy Chu.

I wonder what side of the coin she will be on.




It’s time to change the discourse about climate change. We’re facing devastating consequences due to climate change. I support Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s resolution to create a House Select Committee for a Green New Deal in Congress. We need a Green New Deal to create millions of green jobs, move our country off fossil fuels, and protect working people of all backgrounds. Congress members should support this resolution.




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