As national statistics suggest, Americans in every state have been adversely affected by gun violence, either through the death or injury of a friend or relative, or by being directly involved in some type of shooting incident, either as an assailant, a victim or a witness.

For those reasons the public is being asked to participate in Wear Orange Day today, June 6, and on National Gun Violence Awareness Weekend, Friday through Sunday.

Now in its fifth year, Wear Orange Day was created to honor the many lives that have been cut short by gun violence and to support efforts to reduce gun-related crimes.

On May 20, the Pasadena City Council proclaimed June 7-9 as National Gun Violence Awareness Weekend in Pasadena.

The proclamation states “Gun violence touches every segment of our society and impacts people of all ages; it increases the probability of death in incidents of domestic violence; raises the likelihood of fatalities by those who intend to injure others, and among those who attempt suicide; it places children and young people at increased risk of physical harm and injury; and disproportionately affects communities of color.”

The last fatal mas shooting in the US occurred on May 31 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, resulting in 13 people killed and six wounded.

The last fatal mass shooting in California, also on May 31, occurred in West Covina, ending with one dead and three people injured.

According to, 108 people were killed and 255 injured in gun violence-related incidents around the country from June 1 to June 4.

In 2019, the website found there have been 22,627 gun violence incidents, resulting in 5,968 deaths, 11,441 injuries, 249 children ages 0 to 11 killed, and 1,128 children ages 12 to 17 killed.