catch a group that is Seriously funny and simultaneously a serious musical act when Past Action Heroes takes the stage at T. Boyle’s Tavern Friday night.

To the uninitiated, the band dresses in costumes reminiscent of TV action series heroes of the 1980s and ’90s, such as “MacGyver,” Michael Knight of “Night Rider,” “Magnum P.I” and various other icons.

The show consists of hit music from the decades of Reagan and Clinton, and they totally rock in the process. Past Action Heroes’ musical renditions are spot-on, and the band’s musicianship is arena-worthy. This is serious music, performed with a wink and a smile, offering a humorous take on the era.

They’ve performed shows at clubs all around the area, as well as Santa Anita Park, and they’re a popular call for events like weddings and parties. Their past client endorsements glow with praise.

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Music starts at 10 p.m. Friday at T.Boyle’s Tavern, 37 N. Catalina Ave., in Rhodes Alley between Catalina and Mentor avenues. Admission is $5. Call (626) 578-0957 or visit