FBN Publication

If your business is located in Los Angeles County, we can publish your FBN notice

• Cost is $40 for the required 4 week publication.
• You must have filed your FBN statement with the LA County Clerk recently*
• Deadline is Friday for publication on Thursday.

*Filing date must not be more the 30 days prior to the 1st date of publication

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Download FBN Publication order form and instructions

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Order to Show Cause
Cost $99 for the 4 required 4 weeks publication.


Other Legal Advertising

Pasadena Weekly is an adjudicated newspaper of General Circulation (Case #C 655062, dated: 02/19/88). We can publish Probate, Trustee, ABC, Summons and other notices. Please inquire about our rates: annt@pasadenaweekly.com

Contact Information

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