Sayed Sabrina

Sayed Sabrina will perform at Therapy at the Roar Room on Wednesday, Aug. 10. (Jessica Chortkoff Photography/Submitted)

Blues singer Sayed Sabrina generally doesn’t perform free shows. So, when she hits the stage for “Ladies Sing the Blues” on Wednesday, Aug. 10, at the Therapy at the Roar Room in Glendale, it’ll be special.

The evening was inspired by Linda Cooper, whose husband, guitarist Vince White, generally jams at the venues on Wednesday. She wanted to host a night featuring women singing the blues.

“She thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be neat to have a women’s blues night where we hear all the songs that we’ve grown up with and learned to love throughout the years?’” Sabrina said.

Los Angeles can be a hard town for musicians, especially for women. It’s why she’s excited about performing with the other women lined up for the night, including Christineh Menaskanian, Rachel Rizner, April Henry and Pasadena’s Sharron Moore.

“This night will really lift all the females up,” Sabrina said. “There are some really great women who will be singing. It’s sometimes difficult to get a job as a musician when you’re a female so everyone helps their friends out. Sometimes when I’m performing, I’ll have the opportunity to get my own opener and they don’t always want you to have another female. That doesn’t make sense to me. There is always space for more. That’s why we’re having this night which is going to be a fun-filled night with lots of love and energy going around the room.”

She’s hoping all the women — and associated musicians — will come together and jam at the end of the night. 

Sabrina, who has shared stages with B.B. King, Los Lobos, Jimmy Cliff, Dr. John, Leon Russell, The Temptations and The Motels, said people can expect a night full of familiar blues songs. She also plans to perform songs regulars at the club are used to hearing from White and his band.

“We have worked together for many years and they’re very dear friends of mine,” Sabrina said. “We’ll probably be playing a lot of Vince White originals and songs off of our ‘Big Boy Blues’ album. We recorded that six years back.”

The set will give fans a chance to hear her new album, “Thou Art That,” as well.

After a few years of the pandemic, Sabrina has found live music is more appreciated. Venues are filled with people who are hungry for the connection and joy that music brings.

“There was such a grand loss on such a huge scale for those of us that have to have that live energy of music and art. It was devastating,” Sabrina said. “Being able to go out into the world again and share that experience with others has been well received.”

It’s ironic, considering she worried no one would show up when she scheduled her first gigs back.

“It was phenomenal,” Sabrina said. “Everyone was celebratory, and it felt very special, which is what we look forward to every time we perform.”

Sabrina spends a lot of time alone writing music, playing on her keyboard, piano, drums and guitars. She said it’s just as much fun to jam with her friends. None of it, though, compares to the thrill of live performance.

“There’s nothing like it because there’s this reciprocated joy and appreciation,” Sabrina said. “You are appreciated as the artist and you’re giving joy. There is this great energy connection that is a give and take.”

Ladies Sing the Blues w/Sayed Sabrina, Sharron Moore, Bonnie Root, April Henry, Rachel Rizner-Huntley and 

Christineh Menaskanian

WHEN: 8 p.m. to midnight Wednesday, Aug. 10

WHERE: Therapy at the Roar Room, 3645 Foothill, Glendale

COST: Free admission