Author: Inman Moore

One man’s love affair with Paris of the Pacific

I have been having a love affair that has been going on since 1963. I am not talking about my love affair with God, my wife of 70 years, the children, and our extended family. I am talking about my love affair with California, the San Gabriel Valley and, especially, Pasadena. For one thing, we have what may be the best climate in the world. Every morning I stand at my window and look at those majestic mountains, backed up by blue skies, and say to myself, “Thank you, Lord!” You don’t have to live in California long before...

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Tax cuts now would prevent America from being as great as it can be

I have often wondered why many intelligent wealthy and middle-class people voted for Donald Trump. They knew he was a liar, a racist and a sexist. They knew he often shortchanged his suppliers and builders in his development deals. Yet, with all this information, people still voted for him. What is going on here? The answer is now apparent in all the headlines. It hinges around one word: Taxes. The Donald is a big supporter of reducing taxes. Both Trump and a great many in Congress are proposing drastic tax cuts. They admit that reducing taxes at the moment will...

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Pasadena political action group wields great power in local elections

T he name of the political organization known as ACT is not an acronym or initials of a larger name. ACT gets its name from its members, who do just that: They act, and their success in getting people elected is renowned.” While ACT is not affiliated with any political party, it has a definite liberal leaning. It grew out of a number of local people who were extremely active in the McGovern for President Campaign in 1972. While greatly disappointed by McGovern’s defeat, they felt it was time for a more liberal atmosphere locally and they wanted to...

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A hard look at improving our homeland

I was born into this experiment we call democracy on Sept. 8, 1925 in the tiny town of Pineville, Mississippi. When I was 17, and World War II was underway, I enlisted in the Navy.  In March of 1946 I returned to the United States after many months in the South Pacific. When I walked off the ship at Terminal Island, I wanted to get down and kiss the ground. I have some inkling of what the poet meant when he said: “Breathes there the man with soul so dead Who never to himself has said, This is my own,...

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Political identities are shaped by what we expect and receive from parties and government

“I am a member of no organized party. I am a Democrat.”    These famous words were first spoken by Will Rogers, the cowboy philosopher and newspaper columnist of the 1920s who died in a plane crash in 1935 at the age of 55. Even today, or especially today, there remains much truth in Rogers’ words. In terms of being the best organized group, the Democratic Party would certainly rank very low. It is all over the map. The California Democratic Party has just concluded its annual convention, which was held in Sacramento. To attend the party convention was to...

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Upcoming Events

11:00 am Ines Di Santo Trunk Show and Per... @ Lovella Bridal
Ines Di Santo Trunk Show and Per... @ Lovella Bridal
Jan 19 @ 11:00 am – Jan 20 @ 5:00 pm
Ines Di Santo Trunk Show and Personal Appearance at Lovella Bridal @ Lovella Bridal |  |  |
Be sure to book an appointment with Lovella Bridal for their exclusive trunk show and personal appearance by bridal couture and eveningwear designer, Ines Di Santo. Ines Di Santo’s exquisite Fall 2018 Collection will be[...]
9:00 am Rose Villa Neighborhood Walking ...
Rose Villa Neighborhood Walking ...
Jan 20 @ 9:00 am – 11:15 am
Rose Villa Neighborhood Walking Tour @  |  |  |
Just east of the Caltech area, this district showcases Pasadena’s growing “middle class” between 1913 and 1916, at the end of the craftsman era in residential architecture in Pasadena. This was a popular neighborhood for[...]
11:00 am Zumba Class at Lamanda Park Library @ Pasadena Public Library, Lamanda Park Branch
Zumba Class at Lamanda Park Library @ Pasadena Public Library, Lamanda Park Branch
Jan 20 @ 11:00 am
A zumba class for all skill levels starts at 11 a.m.
1:00 pm Guided Tour, Lecture at Norton S... @ Norton Simon Museum
Guided Tour, Lecture at Norton S... @ Norton Simon Museum
Jan 20 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
A guided tour visits works reflecting Rembrandt’s rough manner, from 1 to 2 p.m. George Shackelford, Deputy Director of the Kimball Art Museum discusses Degas’s lifelong preoccupation with the human body, particularly the female nude,[...]
4:00 pm Spirit Chorale of Los Angeles Co... @ First United Methodist Church of Pasadena
Spirit Chorale of Los Angeles Co... @ First United Methodist Church of Pasadena
Jan 20 @ 4:00 pm
The Spirit Chorale of Los Angeles performs a concert featuring work of African-American composers, starting at 4 p.m. Free; voluntary offerings are accepted.

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