Korbin Deary

18-year-old San Gabriel resident Korbin Deary will study computer science at West Point’s US Military Academy. (Keno Deary Sr./Submitted)

Korbin Deary, an 18-year-old resident of San Gabriel, discovered his passion in life at a young age: computer programming.

“When I was about 9-years-old, I used to play a lot of video games on my parent’s computer,” Korbin said. “I was so infatuated with these games and I wanted to know how they were made, so I Googled (for information).”

Korbin said discovery is his main motivator in life that has led him on a continuous journey in computer science and business.


Education First

Korbin was homeschooled through the California Virtual Academy starting at 9-years-old where he realized he learned better independently. 

“I liked homeschooling because it allowed me to pursue computer science a lot more than if I was in a public school,” he said. “The tutors my dad got really knew what they were doing and shared their passion for what they taught.”

Another helpful resource Korbin found on his discovery was CodeHS.com, which teaches high school students the basics of coding. The courses made him proficient in different programming languages and he began creating and developing websites as a teenager.

“Making websites is more complex because you have to make sure that what you make can be shown on different screens, browsers and phone screens,” Korbin said. “I like it because it makes you a better developer and makes you think more about the end user to have it be accessible.” 

At age 11, Korbin was introduced to LA Makerspace’s Scratch Squad (later renamed to Coding Crew), which led him to teach more than 80 classes at schools, libraries and churches over a span of five years. He also excelled at public speaking due to his father enrolling him in acting classes.

“Scratch Squad (had the concept of) maybe kids can teach kids better than adults can teach kids,” Korbin said. “I am very grateful to LA Makerspace because they gave me a lot of experience to teach courses.” 

At age 16, Korbin completed the California High School Proficiency exam and enrolled at Pasadena City College to obtain his Associate of Science degree in computer information systems – programming. Some of his achievements include being awarded first place in the 2017 Pasadena Computer Science Club Hackathon for building a web application that displays recipes with items located inside the refrigerator, and a certificate of achievement in computer information systems in 2019. He graduated from the community college this year and was also able to attend the PCC Veterans Resource Center Graduation ceremony.

“I was very fortunate the timing worked out that I could attend (the Veterans Resource Center Graduation),” Korbin said. “It was an honor.”

In between his schooling, Korbin contributed to Pasadena Media by earning a television production and producer certificate and hosted a few episodes of his show, “Korbin’s Kode,” to teach coding to viewers. 

In 2018, he won two awards from the Western Access Video Excellence Awards program for local cable programming in arts and entertainment and youth programming. Korbin also continued to further his skills through small projects and became a full stack software developer. 

“When I started doing web design and web development for small businesses, I realized that my work and hobbies were the same thing,” Korbin said. He also enjoys drawing and making electronic dance music.


Military Values

Korbin grew up in a fourth generation Army family and learned the important values and standards of the branch. 

“There’re the Army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage that we learn through the service or inherit it from our parents,” Korbin said. “These values have helped guide our decisions.”

To follow in his family’s military footsteps, he enlisted at age 17 into the Army National Guard and participated in the Recruitment Sustainment Program. He also attended Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and was assigned to 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry. Korbin later completed Advanced Individual Training as an MOS 25L (Cable Systems Installer/Maintainer) at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

“Family was the biggest motivation and I wanted to serve at some capacity,” Korbin said. “I chose the National Guard because I didn’t want to go active duty and I wanted to be around my business.”


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Korbin developed his passion for being an entrepreneur by watching his family members develop and grow their businesses. His father, Keno Sr. Deary, started the Rosemead Youth Leadership Center, where he taught young people how to lead others; his mother, Janet Chin, began the Hawaiian dessert company called Aloha Kulolo; his older brother, Keno Jr., 22, founded TechNinja, which helps provide technical support to seniors, and his younger brother, Kasden, 15, is studying finance at PCC to begin his own business.

“Everyone is always thinking of new businesses they have in mind,” Korbin said. “We all have a business background; it is important for leadership. I can become a great computer scientist but if I want to do something bigger, I need the business background to do that.”

Keno Sr. said the saying in the family is to turn passions into profit.

“That’s what everybody wants to do: make money from it and be happy,” Keno Sr. said. “A lot of entrepreneurs show up knowing what they’re doing.”

Korbin is the founder of Korbin’s Kode, a nonprofit that was founded in 2017 when he was 13 years old. He received grants from Southern California Edison and funding from his father to help start his organization. 

“The SoCal Edison grants have been very helpful,” Korbin said. “I have given back to their ASCEND (Asian Society for Cultural Exchange Networking and Diversity) Program

by teaching kids and parents coding.”

The organization focuses on teaching youth ages 8 to 16 the basics of coding through one-on-one classes, small group classes and workshops. To date, he has taught more than 90 classes and workshops in person and virtually.

“It aims to give children the tools to understand technology in the 21st century,” Korbin said. “I have self-satisfaction because I like to volunteer and share information about technology.”

Korbin is also the founder of Korbin Website Solution, which was founded in 2018 and provides services for 404 error fixes, photo and video updates, social media links, search engine optimization, adding widgets and maintenance in person and virtually. 

“I wanted to help smaller businesses grow and give them an online presence,” he said. 

Although Korbin Website Solution has mostly helped San Gabriel Valley businesses, his long term goal is to continue growing it. 

“I want to start teaching teachers and find new youth talent that has the same passion for technology that I do,” he said. “I want to give them the tools to share that passion with other people.”

Keno Sr. has been Korbin’s biggest cheerleader and coach along the way.

“He has leadership ability and knack to stick to what it is he wants to do,” Keno Sr. said. “Entrepreneurship has to be in your blood, it’s a lifestyle.”


Prosperous Future 

Korbin will soon be heading to the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he plans on obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. Upon completion in the year 2026, he will fulfill his five-year commitment to work for the Army as a cyber officer. 

After that, his future discoveries are wide open.

“Any work I do will be through contracts,” Korbin said. “(Long term,) I want to work for myself. I love to learn and allow myself to be a leader on journeys through whatever I’m interested in.” 

Korbin Deary

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