Founding CannMed adviser and cannabis pioneer, Raphael Mechoulam, and others choose CannMed to announce breakthrough technologies to the world.

CannMed 2022 will bring together industry leaders, the latest innovations and research as well as the “father of cannabis research” to the Pasadena Convention Center Tuesday, May 3, to Thursday, May 5.

CannMed is presented by Medicinal Genomics, a company specializing in cannabis genetics and microbial detention, in partnership with Advanced Nutrients. 

Medicinal Genomics was founded by geneticist Kevin McKernan, who looked to cannabis therapies to help his father’s struggle with stage-4 prostate cancer.

He was assisted by cannabis industry leaders, including Raphael Mechoulam, considered the “father of Cannabis research.” 

The company is focused on cannabis research, education and advocacy. CannMed is a major part of its initiative.

“One of the values of the company is to try to do whatever we can to expand education, knowledge and research about cannabis,” said Frank Priscaro, senior adviser of marketing for Medicinal Genomics.

“Over the years, CannMed has become a venue for people to announce their latest breakthroughs and some of the newest research.”

The company also offers the CannMed Archives, a collection of hundreds of video presentations on cannabis research from around the world, and Kannapedia, a research library dedicated to cannabis genomes. 

CannMed was founded in 2016 and was held at Harvard University and UCLA before moving to Pasadena. It took a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conference will feature keynote speeches from leaders in the scientific, medical, cultivation and safety communities, including Ethan Russo from CReDO Science; Bonni Goldstein from Canna-Centers; Seth Crawford from Oregon CBD and Grace Bandong from Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovations. 

The event starts on May 3 with a medical practicum workshop geared toward clinicians, nurses, health care providers and nurse practitioners who are treating patients with cannabis therapies. It will be led by practitioners Goldstein, Dustin Sulak, Kevin Spelman and Eloise Theisen.  

This practicum highlights cannabis therapy effects on the endocannabinoid system, comprised of chemical signals and receptors in the brain and central nervous system that help to regulate processes such as sleep, pain and temperature control, hunger, memory, alertness and mood. 

The other two days of the conference will cover scientific, medical, technology, safety and cultivation. 

Attendees will hear more about the biological effects of cannabis compounds; the development of various cannabinoids and terpenes; the nutrients within the plant; extraction and growing techniques; the use of cannabis to reduce opioid dependency and ways cannabis can be used to treat conditions such as breast cancer, epilepsy, anxiety and dementia. 

“This plant is Mother Nature’s little pharmacy. We are just scratching the surface for the capabilities for this plant,” Priscaro said. 

“Cannabis has been used for thousands and thousands of years. We’ve known about its therapeutic properties, but since the prohibition against cannabis started in 1937, we’ve steadily lost all of that knowledge about how the plant works and what it’s good for. We’re basically trying to play catch up and rebuild our storehouse of knowledge through scientific research.

“There is a lot of work to be done, but there are some very exciting findings already in what this plant is capable of and how to use it.” 

Presenters are vetted by an advisory board who looks closely at their research. 

“We pick those who we feel are the best, the most relevant, the most strenuously researched,” Priscaro said.

“Those are the ones that make it onto the stage.”

In the exhibition hall, companies from within the cannabis industry will present their products and services. 

Priscaro said the conference’s final two days are designed to bring together cannabis industry professionals to learn from each other. 

“I think that’s one of the big benefits that we’ve missed over the last two years of not being able to gather, not just for our conference but for other kinds of gatherings. There really is an exchange of ideas and a cross-fertilization that happens when you’re all in the same room together,” Priscaro said. 

“Every year when we bring these people together, we feel that we move the industry ahead. The things that we are going to talk about here are going to impact a lot of people’s lives for the better.” 

Medical Genomics is also interested in psychedelic drugs, which have been used to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

During the conference, speakers will touch on the advances of psychedelic drugs. The organization is also working on developing a genome library dedicated to psychedelic plants.

CannMed 2022

WHEN: Various times Tuesday, May 3, to Thursday, May 5

WHERE: Pasadena Convention Center, 300 E. Green Street, Pasadena

COST: $50 for expo only; $400 for medical practicum only; $650 to $820 for full conference; $820 to $850 for full conference with medical practicum