Pasadena Convention Center and its food and beverage producer, Sodexo Live!, prepared and delivered more than 100 meals for local nonprofits Ronald McDonald House, Elizabeth House, Union Station Family Center and Union Station Adult Center as part of the 2023 GOALympics Challenge. 

The annual competition challenges Sodexo! Live teams around the world to use Earth-friendly practices, emphasizing the goals to reduce food waste and help feed hungry people.

“It’s an honor for the Pasadena Convention Center to support the global initiatives from Sodexo’s Office of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility,” said Doug Finney, Sodexo Live! general manager, Pasadena Convention Center. 

“We are proud to lend our resources and deliver hot meals to support these local nonprofit organizations, who are all doing incredible work in creating homes and providing for those in need.”

This year, under the designated “Team Determination” category, Team Pasadena GOALympians participated in the cooking, plate-up and delivery of packaged meals to four locations for three local nonprofit organizations on Feb. 23. The efforts were led with new executive chef Mikery Hatfield, who oversees food and beverage at the convention center and civic auditorium.

In 2022, the Pasadena Convention Center and Sodexo Live! team earned a bronze medal for participation, out of only five medals received within Sodexo Live! in North America. The team also participates in various charity activities each year, including cooking meals for the Union Station Homeless Services’ Thanksgiving Dinner in the Park and the annual Big Soup Servathon event from the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation.