This information provides a greater awareness to the Pasadena community. The critical events detailed below are a snapshot of the calls received to the police communications center daily.


• Total calls for service for October 2022: 9,352 (year to date: 88,648)

• 911 calls for October 2022: 5,622 (year to date: 55,414)

• Total calls received by police dispatch center: 20,569 (year to date: 200,970)

• De-escalation techniques used during calls: 20 (year to date: 1,066)

• October 2022 collected/seized firearms: 20 (year to date: 217)

• Pistols: 13 (year to date: 155)

• Rifles/assault rifles: six (year to date: 47)

• Shotguns: one (year to date: 15)


Snapshot of calls 

Oct. 1: Officers from the Pasadena Police Department responded to a business in the 1000 block of Colorado Boulevard. Callers advised that a suspect was pilfering and destroying cash registers. Officers responded to the scene and located the suspect walking away. As an officer attempted to detain the suspect, the suspect ran away and was subsequently physically restrained. During the ensuing scuffle, the suspect struck the officer in the face. The officer drew his Taser, and the suspect immediately complied. He was handcuffed and detained by other responding officers. No deployment of the Taser device occurred. The suspect was booked for felony assault, felony vandalism and theft-related offenses.

Oct. 1: In response to a robbery, Pasadena police officers went to the 3200 block of East Foothill Boulevard. The victims informed the responding cops that two individuals were demanding cash and access to a safe at a gas station. While brandishing a semi-automatic weapon, one of the suspects demanded workers on their knees. The staff obeyed, and suspects left with money.

Oct. 3: Pasadena police stopped a vehicle for a code infraction at Lake Avenue and Maple Street. When the officer approached the driver, the car smelled of marijuana. The unlicensed driver had two outstanding arrest warrants. A revolver was found under the driver’s seat and about 15 pounds of marijuana in the trunk after the driver agreed to a search of his car. The motorist was detained and taken to the Pasadena Detention Center.

Oct. 4: Officers from the Pasadena Police Department were called to the 500 block of East Union Street, regarding a person who would not leave. The victim claimed the suspect threatened to kill him with pieces of steel. The victim walked away and dialed 911. Uncooperative, the suspect threw down the weapons and fled. Police arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon.

Oct. 5: Pasadena police officers were called to the 100 block of North Euclid Avenue about a suspicious person in a car. Officers arrived and saw obvious drug paraphernalia. The subject initially refused to cooperate, but he was eventually taken into custody. Along with the drug paraphernalia in the car, a dagger was found on him. A loaded firearm and methamphetamine were found during a more thorough check of the car. After being detained, the suspect was taken to the Pasadena jail and booked. 

Oct. 6: Officers from the Pasadena Police Department were called to the 900 block of North Lake Avenue about a suspect who was carrying a gun and knives. The suspect was spotted shooting at passing people. When police arrived, the suspect was taken into custody. The suspect had a knife and ammunition that were prohibited. Officers discovered a loaded gun hidden inside the driver’s compartment. The suspect was taken to the Pasadena PD jail, where he was taken into custody for having a hidden weapon and a dagger.

Oct. 7: Officers from the Pasadena Police Department responded to a robbery call at a business near Lake Avenue and Orange Grove Boulevard. The victim told police he picked up a dropped lottery ticket as he was leaving the store. Two men approached him as he was crossing the parking lot and inquired about the lottery ticket. One of the suspects grabbed the victim’s prepaid cellphone card, while another displayed a tiny weapon. The suspects went south on Lake Avenue as they left.

Oct. 10: Pasadena Police Department sent officers to the 1300 block of El Sereno Avenue in response to a ShotSpotter alert. Six rounds were discovered by officers in front of a nearby house, but no victims were found. Three service requests were made to the Police Department Communications Center in addition to the ShotSpotter warning. Detectives have taken over the investigation.

Oct. 10: In response to a ShotSpotter alert, Pasadena police officers canvassed Washington Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue. They discovered a person in the parking lot near Washington Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue. Searching the person, they found a concealed handgun. He ran and officers tracked him through the Kings Villages. Officers saw the suspect toss a weapon during the pursuit. They tased him, and he was taken to a nearby hospital. Officers found the weapon. 

Oct. 14: Pasadena police detected the smell of marijuana during a traffic stop near Navarro Avenue and Washington Boulevard. The suspect (passenger) acknowledged having a weapon while the passengers were ordered out of the car. The suspect’s weapon was removed, and he was detained for concealing a weapon. 

Oct. 14: A driver was found to have a suspended license during a traffic stop near Madison Avenue and Orange Grove Boulevard. After the suspect was taken into custody, police asked him if there was anything illegal inside the car. He acknowledged keeping a firearm in the car; it was found in the center console. He was later detained in Pasadena jail for carrying a concealed weapon. 

Oct. 19: Pasadena police officers stopped a vehicle for violating traffic laws near Fair Oaks Avenue and Hammond Street. Officers approached the passengers and detected a marijuana stench. The driver told police he was wanted on an active warrant. A loaded weapon was discovered next to the driver’s seat. The driver was detained and taken to jail.

Oct. 21: Pasadena police officers responded to a report of gunfire in the 2000 block of North Raymond Avenue. The witness claimed they overheard one of five individuals mention firing a gun, and they also heard one shot. Officers searched the area and discovered one spent .40 caliber casing and one unfired 9 mm round. Detectives took over the investigation. 

Oct. 22: Officers attempted to pull over a car for a traffic infraction on the 210 Freeway. The car failed to stop and collided with two more vehicles. The driver sped off but was apprehended. Three people were arrested. 

Oct. 23: Officers responded to a hate crime in the 500 block of East California Boulevard. They discovered the victim’s Diwali holiday decorations were damaged. Prior to the arrival, a suspect threatened the victim with a hammer and made disparaging remarks about his religion and race. The suspect was detained and lodged in the Pasadena Detention Center.

Oct. 25: Pasadena police officers went to the 1700 block of Asbury Drive to investigate vandalism. Officers discovered the culprit used a heavy, pointed gardening tool called a mattock to break eight windows at the home. Officers were looking for the suspect, when a bystander said a female with a mattock walked into a house on the 1600 block of Casa Grande Street. Officers secured the house and tried to speak with the suspect. The mattock was retrieved as evidence and the culprit was hauled into jail. 

Oct. 25: Officers from the Pasadena Police Department responded to a possible explosion at a business in the 1600 block of East Washington Boulevard. Police found no evidence of such but found an open rear door. A person inside admitted to being on probation for drug possession. After conducting a probation compliance search, the officers discovered a phantom gun. For alleged firearm violations, he was detained.