Judy Chu

Rep. Judy Chu (File photo)


In a Feb. 22 Fox News program, Texas Congressman Lance Gooden questioned Congresswoman Judy Chu’s loyalty to the United States. He suggested her security clearance and access to classified briefings be rescinded due to her support for a Biden-appointed official. Gooden further implied that she is “standing up for China’s Communist Party.” 

Chu, the first Chinese American woman elected to the U.S. Congress, issued a statement that questioning her loyalty is “absolutely outrageous.” It is based on false information, she said. “I very much doubt that (Gooden) would be spreading these lies were I not of Chinese American descent.” Chu’s colleagues of both parties are similarly outraged. 

We agree.

California Congresswoman Judy Chu has spent her life serving the community and the United States. She began her political career serving on a local California school district board and then on the Monterey Park City Council — where she was mayor three times. 

She was then elected to the California Assembly and then to the State Board of Equalization. In 2009, she was elected to the U.S. Congress and has been re-elected since then. Her accomplishments to benefit her constituents and all U.S. residents are many and significant, demonstrating her absolute commitment and loyalty to the country. 

These charges by Rep. Gooden are contemptible and dangerous. We ask him to apologize and withdraw his highly offensive and racist remarks. 




Michael Cacciotti, city councilmember, South Pasadena City Council

Yuki Cutcheon, president, South Pasadena Chinese-American Club

Ed Donnelly, chair, South Pasadena Public Safety Commission

Robert Joe, former mayor, city of South Pasadena

Ruby Kalra, former board member, South Pasadena Unified School District 

Sally Kilby, city clerk, city of South Pasadena, retired 

Katy Kwok-Nielsen, assistant principal, South Pasadena Unified School District

Carol Liu, former California state senator 

Jason Mak, chair, South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Board

Dean Serwin, president, South Pasadena Library Board of Trustees